Comparing Different Titles

In our class on 17/11/2009 we discussed and compared Final Fantasy: Advent Children (FF) with two titles from Studio Ghibli: My Neighbours the Yamadas (NY) and Tales from Earthsea (TE), looking for contrasts and similarities in these titles. All three were made as features for theatrical release, to a high technical standard.

TONE: FF dark and serious.  NY airy, open, pastel colours, comedy overtones. TE Oversaturated colours, solemn and almost religious overtones.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: FF teens (both girls and boys), science fiction  fans. NY family audience, lots of jokes. TE younger teens, maybe under 16s.

TECHNOLOGY: FF motion capture. NY appears completely traditional but actually made with very high spec computer equipment. TE traditional line animation.

SOURCE: FF game series. NY manga. TE novel series

ATMOSPHERE/STORY TYPE: FF futuristic fantasy. NY whimsical/contemporary. TE traditional ‘mediaeval feel’ fantasy.

NON-FAN/NEWCOMER APPEAL? FF is part of continuing saga, need to play the games/know the backstory to really get the most out of it. NY and TE have simpler standalone stories, need no prior knowledge.

HOW DOES THIS FILM MAKE YOU FEEL? FF: apocalyptic theme and action-packed story makes you feel on edge. NY/TE: both give you a good time and make you feel you’ve enjoyed yourself, TE maybe a bit darker but positive ending.

WHAT’S THE SOUNDTRACK LIKE? FF: music is dark in tone to suit the movie, completely instrumental – no human voices. NY/TE: Extensive use of vocals as well as orchestra, much lighter feeling. All use ‘big name” actors for the voices, makes them sound familiar.


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