Advantages and disadvantages of DVD over VHS for anime

We brainstormed this list of the advantages and disadvantages of the DVD format over videotape, specifically for anime.


You get bonus features like interviews, picture galleries and documentaries

You can have subtitles or audio track or both

You can (usually) choose to listen/read subtitles in different languages

Picture quality is better

DVDs are more portable and easier to store

You can watch ‘on the move’ by playing in laptop devices

You can freeze frames and get a clear image

The sub vs dub debate is at an end because on DVD you can have both subtitles and dub tracks.

Companies only have to produce one disc instead of separate subbed and dubbed tapes, so they can sell more copies from one master, improve the quality of the product and still make more money.


Digital formats make piracy easier by enabling streaming and downloading over fast broadband services. Helen added information: Industry sources estimate that there are as many as 6 million illegal anime downloads a week. Obviously this is hard to verify exactly but it is undoubtedly a big problem for the industry.)


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