Reviewing our learning on creative talents, 8/12/2009

At this week’s class we also reviewed last week’s session on creative talents. (Copies of the exercise couldn’t be made last week so Helen decided to review the session this week instead.)

We brainstormed a list of the creative talents identified by both groups last week: Yoko Kanno (on both lists), Osamu Tezuka, Makoto Shinkai, Toei, and Manga Entertainment. We also discussed Helen’s list and recalled Leiji Matsumoto, director, writer, artist; HEADGEAR, creative group; Studio 4ºC; Satoshi Kon, director, writer; Yoko Kanno, composer

We also did a paper exercise in which class members had to mark the roles filled by 20 individuals on a grid, and also mark the periods in which those individuals were active. The individuals were identified only by name, with no clues as to their age, work or role, and many of them had fulfilled several roles in the anime industry apart from the one they were best known for. They spanned the whole period from pre-war to the present, and the whole industry from high-profile directors to lesser-known backroom staff. So this wasn’t an easy exercise.

Even though nobody had any time to prepare for this exercise, everyone did quite well. One class member wrote on the grid “I only got x, and that was with notes” – yet this person correctly identified roles of eleven of the 20 people on the grid, and got completely correct dates for 2 and partially correct dates for the other 9.

Everyone was able to correctly identify roles for about half the names listed (interestingly, not all the same ones!) and some people identified more. Everybody was able to identify one period of activity for the individuals whose roles they got right. However, where individuals had long careers there was some uncertainty as to how long they went on working.


3 Responses to Reviewing our learning on creative talents, 8/12/2009

  1. Daniel says:

    Really enjoy it this week! Looking forward to watch the last session materials. It’s just a shame that two hours go by so quick when watching good Anime!

  2. Helen says:

    I’m so sorry that next week is our last class! We need someone to sponsor a regular club night…

  3. Daniel says:

    Yeah… that would be great! unfortunately I can’t provide a place but good snacks are guaranteed =)

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