This is the blog of the Workers’ Educational Association anime evening class. The first class is currently running in Central London from Tuesday 27 October to Tuesday 15 December 2009.

Helen McCarthy is leading the class and will moderate the blog. The weekly handouts with notes, reading lists, viewing lists and links will be posted here on their own pages – see the right hand sidebar. There is also an expanded reading list – class members are welcome to add their own suggestions for further reading about anime, either on the reading list page or in their own posts.

Class members and other interested parties can post comments on here anytime. Non-members’ comments will be moderated.

Class members can also post their own reviews, critiques, and questions, discuss anime – either titles featured in the class or  others – and explore other anime-related topics.

There is a blogroll with links to useful and interesting pages related to anime, manga and Japanese culture. Class members are free to add their own links.  All the links Helen has added are links that she personally uses and finds interesting, but be aware that blogs can be very personal, provocative and even controversial, and that the information there is only as good as the bloggers’ knowledge. Simply being online doesn’t make anyone infallible!

Please also feel free to add links to any interesting news articles you find about anime, manga and Japanese culture. Background information like this may help you get more out of your anime viewing.


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